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We stock a range of the finest solid surface worktops that are made exclusively from a hard-wearing Avonite material. All our worktops are 42mm thick and are constructed from a 12mm thick Avonite surface, bonded to 30mm of high-quality chipboard. Below is our full range of Avonite worktops:

Standard Range

Night Shadow

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A beautiful dark black surface from Avonite's 'Dunes' Foundations® range with white metallic flecks scattered throughout. Ideal for modern kitchens with a monochromatic theme, this surface is hard-wearing, easily repaired and can be fabricated to meet a range of bespoke requirements.


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A mottled white surface in Avonite's 'Minerals' Foundations® range that has a smooth natural stony appearance not unlike white granite, but is much warmer to the touch. Ideal for a variety of kitchen designs, from modern to something a little more classic.

River Moss

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A brown speckled surface from Avonite's 'Dunes' Foundations® collection with hints of green and white throughout that create a material similar to earthy mosses - hence the name. This resilient surface is perfect for a modern natural kitchen alongside wooden cabinetry.

Bespoke Range


An icy stone-effect surface from Avonite's 'Minerals' Foundations® range with a visual appeal similar to natural marble. A perfect replacement for stone in a traditional high-end kitchen, whilst also working exceptionally well alongside bright accent colours.

Black Lava

A mottled dark surface in Avonite's 'Dunes' Foundations® collection that has the visual appeal of a granite surface, but without the cold feeling. It's also much more easily worked - we can provide worktop with bespoke options such as drainage grooves or sink cut-outs direct to you.


A golden surface in Avonite's 'Minerals' Foundations® range that combines with large yellow and white flecks to create a sandy-effect worktop that justifies its Egyptian denomination. Cairo combines beautifully with other pastel shades in a light, modern kitchen.


A clean and bright surface selection Avonite's range of 'Solids' Foundations®. It's a slightly off-white so as not to be too domineering in a bright kitchen, but against most other colours it will appear as a brilliant white. Perfect for modern minimalist settings and areas that struggle for natural light.