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Bespoke Solid Surface Worktops

We offer a range of the most popular Avonite solid surfaces that are kept in stock and available to be delivered directly next day. If, however you are looking for another type of finish, we have an extended range available which can be ordered on a longer lead time.

As we have our own in-house fabrication service, we can also offer a variety of bespoke adjustments to worktops that can be made prior to delivery.

Bespoke Colours

The following Avonite surfaces are available to order.


Nordic is a surface from the 'Minerals' collection of Foundation solid surfaces, reminiscent of a bright white marble stone, with a mixture of fine particulates that makes it more distinctive than a plain white surface.

Ideal for use in a clean and contemporary setting in place of a white granite surface.

Black Lava

Black Lava is included in the 'Dunes' collection of Foundation solid surfaces, and is a combination of a black background with a dense population of white speckles above.

An excellent substitute for black granite or laminate composite worktops.


Included in the 'Minerals' collection of Avonite's Foundation solid surfaces, Cairo is a honey-coloured worktop inspired by the pebble hues of a sandy beach.

This composite surface is ideal for combining with natural products and earthy tones.


Part of the 'Solids' range of Foundation surfaces from Avonite, their White surface has - as you would expect - a clean and crisp white appearance.

It is an ideal surface for modern minimalist environments, or any room that requires a neutral surface colour.

Many more Avonite Foundations Colours Available

There are many more finishes in Avonite's Foundations range of Solids, Dunes, Minerals and Pediments. If you are looking for a worktop in any of the colours not immediately available from our stock, then don't hesitate to get in touch. We will provide a quote and expected lead time upon request.

Bespoke Service

Our in-house fabrication team can fabricate a large number of bespoke modifications to Avonite solid surfaces. Whether you require them simply cut to size, or something more intricate, we can help create a surface to meet your requirements. Below is an example of some of the fabrication services we provide, but for all other requirements, do get in touch.

Irregular Cut Outs

Perfect for fitting your Avonite surface into an unusual position.

Sink & Oven Hob Cut Outs

Cut outs to accommodate for sinks, oven hobs and other surface-mounted appliances.

Drainage & Hot Rod Grooves

Avonite surfaces are thick enough to route grooves into, perfect for sink drainage or hot rod grooves.

Butt Joins

If you are planning on joining one or more Avonite solid surfaces together, we can pre-cut butt joins on the underside of the surface.